[Marry System] – Wedding system

Dear players and guests of our project, our server provides an opportunity to connect two lovers ‘ hearts on our server. And also for this to get a unique ring “Gold Ring” – it can be obtained only for the wedding.

Requirements for the wedding:

Have a character levelThe amount of Zen in your inventoryThe number of Heart in your inventory
For the groom: 400 level;
For bride’s: 400 level.
For the groom: 300 000 000 Zen;
For bride’s: 300 000 000 Zen.

For the groom: 50 Heart;
For bride’s:: 50 Heart.
Wedding prize ” Wedding Box”Drop “Wedding Box”Gold Ring

Options fall randomly from 2 to 3 options.
The level of the ring is always +11.
Gold Ring – not transmitted through Trade.
It cannot be traded.

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