Cash Shop

In order to get to the store, you need in any city to press the letter X on the keyboard, or click on the picture “Bag” at the bottom of the ponele commands. The store will only open if your character is in a safe area. Not in a safe area to open a store will not work.
In each category, only nine items are displayed at a time. But you can scroll through the pages using the buttons at the bottom of the store window.
When you select a product in the store, you can see its characteristics. The price of goods is specified under its image. The number of cashshop points available on your account is indicated in the Cash Shop inventory.
To buy a thing in the store, click the ” Buy ” button under the desired thing and confirm your choice. Note: after the purchase of things to cancel the transaction will be impossible!
To buy a variety of items in CashShop can be for W CoinC can get through the game with a variety of events quests.


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