Land of Trials

The owners of the castle, the winning team, will manage and Li of Trials.
Li of Trials is an independent zone and ordinary players will not be able to get there if the owner of the castle does not allow them to do so.

Basic setting:

Click on Gurad to enter the Li of Trials.
The owner of the castle and members of his Guild can enter the area without permission.
Regular players who do not belong to the Guild of the owner of the castle or in the Guild – allies may not be allowed to this location, depending on the settings of the owner.
The use of Teleportation or the m key is not applicable in Li of Trials. (Entrance coordinates Valley of loren: 140, 101)
At death in Li of Trials, the player is reborn in Lorencia.


The owner can change the price for entering the Li of Trials with the help of Guard’a.

Monsters of Li of Trials:

NameDescriptionMax LifeMinimum DamageMaximum Damage
Axe Warrior
Axe Warrior is a monster who also plays the role of a guard of Li of Trials.Info will appear soonInfo will appear soonInfo will appear soon
Lizard Warrior
Lizard Warrior living in Land of Trials. He changed because of the curse of Erohim. Lizard Warrior brutally attacks his enemies and eats their remains.Info will appear soonInfo will appear soonInfo will appear soon
Poison Golem
Poison Golems disappeared after the curse of Erohim and were born again in the swamps, where they mutated under the influence of marsh poisons. They guard the Land of Trials with the help of its powerful and poisoned claws.Info will appear soonInfo will appear soonInfo will appear soon
Queen Bee
Queen Bee was cursed by Erohim. She was born after drinking Bala’s blood and sucking the blood of her victims. She killed many adventurers and was nicknamed the Monster of Monsters on earth.Info will appear soonInfo will appear soonInfo will appear soon
Fire Golem
This monster has a powerful attacking skill’om-Stone crusher. The heart of The fire Golem is like a huge red-hot furnace, destroying and burning everything in its path. He will enslave any adventurer who mistakenly enters the Li of Trials.Info will appear soonInfo will appear soonInfo will appear soon

Erohim (главный монстр) : Способности Erohim’а засекречены.
Long ago, Erohim committed a brutal murder by killing his mentor Bala. Because of this mortal sin, he was sentenced to eternal imprisonment in the Li of Trials. Since then, he has ruled the Land of Trials and revives its residents with a Stone of Guardian. With his army, he seeks to enslave the whole world MU.Info will appear soonInfo will appear soonInfo will appear soon

The location of the monsters Land of Trials:

Drop things with Boss and Monsters:

BossSetWeaponsJewelReward for murder:
Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Volcano, Sylphid Ray, Sunlight, Storm Blitz;Knight Blade, Bone Blade, Explosion Blade, Daybreak, Sword Dancer, Great Lord Scepter, Soleil Sceptor, Brova, Great Reign Crossbow, Arrow Viper Bow, Albatross Bow, Staff of Kundun, Grand Viper Staff, Storm Blitz Stick, Book of Neil;

Dragon Shield, Grand Soul Shield, Elemental Shield;
Jewel Of Luck, Skull of fallen warrior;100 WCoinC.
Other MonsterSet AncWeapons AncJewelReward for murder:
Axe Warrior
Lizard Warrior
Poison Golem
Queen Bee
Fire Golem
Hyon’s Dragon, Apollo’s Pad, Anubis’s Legendary, Warrior’s Leather, Eplete’s Scale, Heras’s Sphinx, Ceto’s Vine, Gaia’s Silk, Odin’s Wind, Crusted Ashcrow, Akki Eclipse, Sati Iris, Seir Glorious, Pantheon Great Dragon, Ichor Dark Soul, Ignored Red Spirit, Empire Dark Master, Corvus Dragon Knight, Toxico Venom Mist, Deus Sylphid Ray, Calidus Sunlight, Demonic, Storm Blitz;

Fury Blood Angels Knight, Transcendence Blood Angels Wizard, Flurry Blood Angels Elf, Conquest Blood Angels Lord, Courage Dark Angels Knight, Wisdom Dark Angels Wizard, Speed Dark Angels Elf, Justice Dark Angels Lord, Honor Blood Angels Summ, Chaos Dark Angels Summ;
Ceto’s Rapier, Hyon’s Lighting Sword, Warrior’s Morning Star, Gaia’s Golden Crossbow, Apollo’s Skull Staff, Heras’s Skull Shield, Eplete’s Plate Shield;Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Guardion, Skull of fallen warrior.

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