Skull of Fallen Warrior

Skull of Fallen Warrior – It is one of precious jewels, which is essential for a Reset and Grand Reset system.

The guardian (npc) “Grand Reset Master” asked you to help him collect as many of these skulls.
In exchange for your service, it will help to make your character Reset / Grand Reset, from which the character will become stronger, and soon become a hero of our world Mu Online.

Get this Stone is difficult, but still possible in only participating into the Events:

  • Double Anger (DoblAnger);
  • Erohim;
  • Selupan;
  • Chaos Castle;
  • Barraks;

The percentage of loss of such a valuable artifact is not great, so this item can be considered as the currency of our server.
All enjoy hunting Stone, and definitely a good game.

Information will be changed / added as you change / add to the drop, etc…!

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