Premium Account x250

DescriptionWithout Premium AccountGOLD Premium AccountPlatinum Premium Account
1Vip BuffNoYesYes
3Master level Expx10x10x10
4Min monster lvl to give M. Exp1009080
6Drop Zen100%105%110%
7Magic Gladiator Create Lvl220210200
8Dark Lord Create Lvl250240220
9Max lvl to get the buff220250300
10Elf Buffer Time1 Hour’s2 Hour’s3 Hour’s
11Max Res to get the buffUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
12Sharpening Jewel of Soul %45%50%55%
13Sharpening Jewel of Life %40%45%50%
14Sharpening Jewel of Harmony %60%60%75%
15Luck bonus to sharpening %20%20%25%
16Luck bonus to sharpening chaos machine %20%20%25%
17Sharpening Devil Square %80%80%95%
18Sharpening Blood Castle %80%80%95%
19Sharpening Illusion Temple %70%70%85%
20Sharpening things in chaos machine +1070%70%85%
21Sharpening things in chaos machine +1165%65%80%
22Sharpening things in chaos machine +1260%60%75%
23Sharpening things in chaos machine +1355%55%70%
24Sharpening things in chaos machine +1450%50%65%
25Sharpening things in chaos machine +1545%45%60%
26Sharpening Fruit chaos machine %50%50%65%
27Cooking Pets for DL70%70%85%
28Boiling (Broken Horn) to create a Fenrir50%50%65%
29Boiling Horn of Fenrir40%40%55%
30The level of the team /post10 Lvl10 Lvl1 Lvl
31/post price500 000 Zen300 000 Zen200 000 Zen
32Cost of adding stats /add100 000 Zen100 000 Zen50 000 Zen
33The cost of cleaning PK Clear /pkclearNONNON500 000 000 Zen

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