Description of Grand Reset System

The maximum reset on the server Andromeda x250- 400th. But this game on our server Mu Online does not end there. After a set of required levels on the 100th reset, you can make a Grand reset (GR).



  • Character must be level 400;
  • Character must have 50 reset;
  • The required number of Zen in the inventory of the character (for each Grand reset different number of Zen);
  • And the most interesting but also difficult is to find the Skull of the Fallen Warrior (For every Grand reset you need a certain number);
Grand ResetLevelResetZenNumber of Skull of Fallen Warrior
1 Grand Reset400501 000 000 000Skull of Fallen Warrior (x1)

A little bit about the “Stone”

This is the one types of the jewel, which is called Skull of Fallen Warrior  which  has an essential role in the world MuOnline. 
This guard (npc) “the Grand Reset Master” asked You to help him collect as many of these Stone.

In exchange for your service, it will help to make your character GrandReset, from which the character will become stronger, and soon become a hero of our world MuOnline.
Information: You can get this Skull on Double Goar Event

Bonuses for passing GrandReset:

Grand ResetWCoinC/CreditsPoint
1 Grand Reset1000/25005000

And so on….

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