List of usefull Commands


/partyleader Nickchange party leader (Example: / partyleader Nick)
/pkCleaning PC – the price depends on the status of the VIP

Teams for communication:

/postSend a message to the whole world.
@Send a message to the Guild chat.
@@To send a message to the Alliance chat.
@>The announcement from the master of the Guild.
/re onAccept requests from other players.
/re offDo not accept requests from other players.
/re autoAutomatically accept requests from other players.

Teams to distribute free stats:

/strTo distribute stat points inĀ Strength.
/agiTo distribute stat points in Agility.
/vitTo distribute stat points in Vitality.
/eneTo distribute stat points in Energy.
/comTo distribute stat points in Command.

Guild commands:

/warDeclare war on another Guild.
/soccerOffer another Guild to play football in the arena.

Commands for expressing emotions:

/Hi /Hello /WelcomeBowing
/^^ /HahaLaugh
/; /SorryRegret
/-_- /Huh /PoohCross your arms
/GreatRaise your hands
/ByeWave goodbye
/ColdShivering from the cold
/Never /NotWave your arms negatively
/Good /Nice /WowClap their hands
/OK /AgainRaise his hand
/Respect /DefeatedBended knee
/Rush /go goGesture – attack!
/SirGive honor and conscience
/That /ThereShow your hand – That’s it
/Victory /WinGesture – Victory!
/Sleep /TiredYawn
/HustleTo show an obscene gesture – Planted
/Look aroundLook around

Common keys:

Left mouse buttonMove, Attack, lean, or sit down
Right mouse buttonUsing skills / items
[Ctrl] + clickAttack another player (PvP)
TabTurn the minimap on / off
ShiftTo see  Selling Items
GapAutomatically pick up nearby items from the ground
Print ScreenTake a screenshot (the file is saved in the folder with the game)
ALTShow item names on the ground
MMoving between locations (cities)
DAutomatic command window
FOpen / close messenger
NSearch box for party /guild
XOpen / close Cash shop
CCharacter options
PMerchants window
GThe Guild window


QTo use a potion (default – Healing Potion)
WTo use a potion (default – Mana Potion)
ETo use a potion (default – Antidote)
CTRL + number 1-9Assign a skill to a number
CTRL + Q/W/E on any kind of potion in your inventoryAssign the application of the selected potion to the selected key numbers from 1 to 9: Switch between the assigned skills

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