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Item Drops

//============================================Drop Box//============================================Star of Christmas – Monster Level: 72 -150Heart of Love – Monster Level: 6 – 66Silver Medal – Monster Level: 6 – 84Gold Medal – Monster Level: 6 – 84Box of Heaven – Monster Level: 6 – 150Pumpkin of

Lucky Coin

1. Find NPC Delgado in Loren Market and trade him.Location Loren market – 84 123 2. Choose Register Lucky Coin 3. Choose Exchange Lucky Coin 4. You may choose to exchange 10, 20 or 30 Lucky Coins 10 CoinsPet Panda, Pet Skeleton, Pet Rudolf,

[Donate shop] Forge in the game

Good day. For greater comfort, we have added the game “Donate Shop” (Forge in the game).This store allows you to buy any item for Credits. You can choose the level of the object, the option that you need, etc.To get

[Marry System] – Wedding system

Dear players and guests of our project, our server provides an opportunity to connect two lovers ‘ hearts on our server. And also for this to get a unique ring “Gold Ring” – it can be obtained only for the

System search groups in party (Search Party)

With this system You can: Create a global group of specific classes to automatically join the batch.  How to use? Press the “End” key or select from the bottom menu. User panel If you want to find teammates for your group, you

Message (Post / Sell Item)

The latest feature in Mu Online allows you to display the parameters of the subject in the game message (post). How it works: We direct the pointer to the subject Hold down the CTRL and click the right mouse button

Backpack and storage extensions (Magic Backpack-Vault Expansion Certificate)

Method of storage expansion. Vault Expansion Certificate For it you need: Buy Vault Expansion Certificate in X-SHOP Pick them up from the X-SHOP. Press Esc and select Switch Character. After that, you will have an extended storage section in the

Cash Shop

In order to get to the store, you need in any city to press the letter X on the keyboard, or click on the picture “Bag” at the bottom of the ponele commands. The store will only open if your character

[VOTE]To vote for the server

Dear players. The server has the opportunity to vote for us.In order to vote, you need to go to your personal account on the site.Go to the Vote section.There you will see tops on which you can vote. Conditions for

WCoinsC by playing

Options for obtaining WCoinsC: Performing Quest System; Voting for the server; Actively participating in the gameplay; Bosses in the game;​ For completing the reset; For passing the Grand reset; Actively participating in promotions. Bosses for which you can get WCoinsW: